Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Updated "How you can help us reach our Matching Grant Goal"

We have 16 hours left until our Matching Grant expires.  We have received over $6,000 in donations in the last 2 1/4 weeks!  We have just $600 left to reach our goal of using the donations and matching grant to cover all future projected adoption expenses!

Here's how you can help us make the $600 in 16 hours:

1. Pray!
- for expediency in the process
- for Priscilla’s health
- for money in place when needed

possible custom doll idea 1
possible custom doll idea 2
2. Spread the Word!
- Share A Seventh Sister Blog, especially this blog post, through facebook, twitter etc
- If you own a blog, blog about our adoption

3. Donate to our Reece's Rainbow Grant
                     (tax deductible - it's too late for a check getting to them in time, so only paypal donations will count towards our matching grant)

4. Donate to our Paypal Account
                 (click on link and you'll see our paypal email address)
5. Donate via check
                  - email me for our mailing address and payment info~I will need to have check in hand by Friday, May 3 in order for it to count for our matching grant
possible custom doll idea 3

Custom Made Waldorf Dolly -
 You select color or eyes, hair and skin!
6. Buy Restaurant.com Card - $50 gift card for just $20, we get $10 for our adoption!

7. Buy This Custom Made Waldorf Style Dolly

8. Bid on our Facebook Auction Items, especially those without bids yet!
possible custom doll idea 4

Possible Custom Doll Idea 5

Thank you to all who have donated so far this month - it has been amazing!

Thank you to all who share this blog
post or donated in these last two weeks!

Oh - and I was sent the draft of our home study last night and was able to read through it and send back some things that needed editing or further explanations.  We are so close to having this in hand and sending in our I800a (application to be approved to immigrate a child).

Please pray that the home study will be completed without further delay and that our I800a will be approved in record time!

I am working on compiling the documents needed for the following step - Dossier Submission!  This is a complex set of documents, but I'm taking it one step at a time and it is coming together, slowly but surely!