Friday, April 19, 2013

So Close! And Auction News!

Turquoise Slouch Hat
Our home study draft is written, it's just waiting for one document.  That document was a background check for child abuse registries in Iowa (where I went to college).  I sent this in nearly a month ago, but it still hadn't arrived as of this morning.

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So I called that office in Iowa and found out that they do not make note of what background checks they do, so even if they had processed one for me, they would have no record of it.  They thought it should have arrived by now, so they suggested that we try faxing it in and they would fax it back to our home study agency.  Great Idea!  So it has been faxed to the Iowa office.  Now we wait for them to process it (they say it takes them about 5 days to get to a report due to their backlog.

I'm going to call them on Monday and see if it can't be processed quicker since this is the second time around.

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Please pray that this would come in quickly so we can get on to our next step - filing the I800a.  I have the form all filled out, along with all the documentation required, and the money is all in place...we just need to add the home study!

On another note - we've added some new, donated, items to our Facebook A Seventh Sister Auctions, as you can see in the photos in this blog post!

And lastly, 11 days left for our matching grant, $2600 left to raise before he 30th.

PS. We cancelled the giveaway due to lack of interest (not one paid entry in 4 days)