Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We have our appointment!

I don't have that magic paper yet, but I called the USCIS Hague department and got the scoop.  That paper should arrive in tomorrow's mail.  It will tell us that our fingerprinting appointment is for a week from Friday at noon.

That is definitely not a good time for Daryl - please pray that we will be able to go in at a better time so he will lose less work. Late or early in the day would be so much better!

Thank you!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Small Updates....Big News

Nothing very exciting on the adoption front.  We had a small glitch with both our dossier and our I800a application, but both have been taken care of and we are back in the business of waiting!

Our dossier is being translated.  My little glitch was that I forgot to get our homestudy apostilled.  But I had another copy here so I was able to sent that copy in for the apostille right away, and the translation can still go on as I believe they scanned all the documents and sent to her country for being translated.  The apostilled copy went out today!

We got a letter from the USCIS that said that our application had been accepted and was being forwarded to the Hague department.  Priscilla lives in a Hague Convention - "The Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000, better known as Hague, is an international treaty designed to protect children, birth families, and adoptive families by prohibiting child trafficking and setting up strict standards for international adoptions"**.  Soon we will get the letter we need to take with us to get our biophysical fingerprints.  That will require a 2 hour drive to that location, and it comes at a bad time for Daryl, as he's working massive hours to help the company he works for meet a deadline.  Please pray that we can get an appointment time that will require the least amount of hours to be missed at work for him.

We have had some exciting news here at home - our oldest son, Jeremy, asked his girl to marry him and she said "Yes"!  So Priscilla will have a built in sister-in-law when she comes home!

 In preparation for our trip to see Priscilla, I'm learning a little of her language.  We will have a translator with us pretty much all the time, but I figured it would be good to know anyway!  It is a very different language and even uses the Eastern European alphabet.  I'm getting to where I'm remembering some of the unusual letter/figures.  But by far, and most difficult thing to do will be to remember that you move you head side to side to say "yes" and up and down to say "no"!  That is just wrong!

If you think of our adoption, please pray that political changes in her country will settle down soon, as right now, the people in the government who process everything adoption related are not processing anything.  Please pray that the dust will settle quickly and they will get back into the business of getting these precious children out of their orphanages and into loving homes.  This situation is effecting countless families who are in various phases of adoption.

**quoted from Premier Adoption Agency