Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Progress, Well, Kind Of!

So, we are still awaiting our USCIS approval for our I800a (application for permission to imigrate a child - it's really approving our family and making sure we are not involved in human trafficking).  I called yesterday and our application has not been assigned an officer yet, even though we got our fingerprints done for this over 2 weeks ago.  Last spring I was reading about approvals coming just days after the fingerprinting, but now approvals are coming 4 - 6 weeks after fingerprinting.  I have no idea why things have slowed to a crawl over at USCIS, but I keep reminding myself that God is still on his throne and even this is not out of His control.

On a brighter note, after more than 3 months of no dossiers for families waiting to be processed so they can go meet their child being processed, there is a meeting finally planned to do this next week.  Please pray that nothing will hinder this meeting and that these adoptions will all be processed efficiently so that these little ones can know that they have a family working so hard to rescue them!

We, sadly, are not even in line for those meetings yet.  Our dossier has been in translation (and might even be done with that), but it can't be submitted until it has the I800a approval (see first paragraph).  Once we get our I800a approval letter, we need to get it notarized and appostilled (that takes about a week or more) and then we send it to join our dossier.  Then we can be submitted.

Delay after delay.  That seems to be the story in many adoptions.  I just have to keep reminding me that no matter what, God ordained this adoption, miraculously funded it, and He will bring it to completion in His PERFECT timing.

Early this morning I had a great thought!  When we go to meet Priscilla, I will teach her "Baba" how to do some of the therapies that we are doing with Esther!  Then she can benefit from it even before we bring her home!  And they are so simple, even my younger kids can do some of the therapies!

One thing I do know is that it will be absolutely amazing when we do get to go meet Priscilla.  I can't wait to be able to share with you photos of her in my arms!