Adoption Timeline

January 16, 2013 - We start the process of our Home Study and Committing to Priscilla who had been recently listed on Reece's Rainbow

January 22 - The first package of home study papers is mailed to Bethany Christian Services.  I make appointments for the medical physicals we will need for all family members

January 23 - turn in all the money from cash jar and get the money order needed for the background checks

January 24 - Finger Printing ($100) and FBI background check paperwork sent in ($90)

January 25 - Tax Return completed/picked up.  Pleased with result, but it will just barely cover the home study and commitment fees.

January 26 - I set up this blog and a facebook page for fundraising auctions.

January 28 - We submit our $3500 commitment fee to the adoption agency and get our commitment documents the next day

January 31 - We are finally announce that we are adopting a little girl called "Priscilla #4-8" on Reece's Rainbow!

February 1 - We received updated photos and videos of Priscilla and she becomes so much more real to us!  We also all head in for our medical physicals ($300).  New auctions started on Facebook.

February 4 - Sent in our first batch of documents (commitment papers) to be apostilled.

February 5 - Order items for home safety inspection - smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extiguishers, child locks, gun safes (over $400)

February 10 - Find out one document has error, just after they come back from being apostilled, so I have to redo one of them before I can send them to Bulg@ri@

February 13 - begin the "Sugar Free for Priscy" campaign

February 19 - Send in FBI background/fingerprints for dossier ($95.00)

February 20 - Order items for home First Sid Kit ($50.00)

February 22 - Mail in corrected document to be apostilled ($15.00)

February 25 - Ready for home inspection, but Carese is sick so we will have reschedule

February 28 - Applications for Passports Submitted ($270)

March 7 - First Home Study Visit

March 11 - Notice that Home Study Agency will not approve us

March 12 - Set up with new Agency and working hard on new paperwork

March 13 - Purchase Learning Partners adoption education package the is required by new home study agency ($180)

March 14 - HIV blood tests taken (bill to come later), results negative!

March 15 - FBI and DSHS Background checks completed and we are all "clean"!

March 21 - Home Study Visit with Mike S - great visit and he sees no problems getting approved ($1650)

March 24 - Matching Grant begins

March 27 - FBI Background checks arrive (for dossier), will need to be apostilled

April 2 - Passports Arrive! (took 5 weeks)

April 3 - Certified Marriage Certificate applied for ($50)

April 14 - Spaghetti Feed, raised over $3,000 in donations

April 25 - FBI Background checks send to Washington DC to get appostiled ($75)

April 29 - Receive Home Study Draft to read/edit/clarify on a few items

April 30 - Matching Grant ends, all goals met/exceeded...fully funded once Matching Grant Check hits our Reece's Rainbow FSP

May 2nd - Home Study submitted to About A Child for review/check for translation issues

May 14 - Home Study Completed AND Matching Grants makes FSP total at $18,838!!

May 16 - I800a Submitted, Documents for Dossier notarized - $1145

May 17 - documents sent in to be apostilled - $45.00

May 24 - Dossier (minus I800a) sent to adoption agency, to get sent to Priscilla's country to get translated!!  $5501

May 30 - Home Study Apostilled - $15.00 + $5 shipping, then mailed to join dossier ($8 shipping)

June 28 - I800a USCIS biometric fingerprinting done - around $100 in traveling expenses

July 15 - Lab Fees for Blood Draw - $50.00

August 5 - I800a approved, approval letter copies and notarized - $20.00

August 6 - I800a approval letter sent in to be apostilled - $15 + $5 shipping

Sept 5 - Our Dossier is officially submitted!

October 8 - We received written referral (permission to come meet her)

October 9 - We get our travel dates!

October 21 - 24 - We visit Christy - 2 visits per day, 2 - 4 hours each visit. Travel./Room/Meals $5400, VISA application $230

November 5 - submitted our I800 application to immigrate Christy (no cost), Medical updates done (Dr did this at no expense to us!), local police background checks gotten, and other documents from our adoption agency notarized and apostilled and shipping - $110

November 25 - Notified that our I800 was approved

December 6 - Article 5 passed, dossier ready for translation/authentication.  We pay for second dossier submission - $4000

December 12 - process changes and we have to get updated FBI background checks, so we get fingerprinted again - $40

December 17 - application for FBI background check using an FBI channeler sent in/shipping - $115

December 21 - We are notified that we are officially submitted (just before the government takes a 2 weeks break for Christmas!

February 20 - We are notified that our dossier has been sent to court, and has been given to a judge for review.

February 21 - We are notified that court date is February 28!

February 28 - 10:55 am in Bulgaria, Preslava (Priscilla was her online name to protect her identity) is prounounce to be our child, Christiana Preslava Einfeld!

March 12 - We are given travel dates for the first part of May.  Not when we had hoped, but it is God's perfect timing for us.
                - Hotel rooms booked for all but one night - $1050, ($400 under projected costs!)
                - Flights booked - $3550 ($250 under projected costs!)

Amount Paid To Date - $28,600

Steps Yet To Complete/Costs Anticipated:

Child's Medical exam - $100
TB Testing - $120
Child's Passport and Birth Certificate -$100
Food and misc expenses while in country - approx. $600
One night hotel stay - $80

Total Cost of Adoption - approx  $29550
Approximate Costs yet to meet - $1000

Total personal money left for adoption expenses - $0.00
FSP Funds Available - $0.00

Adoption Estimated Time Frame:
Bringing her home - middle of May!

Please pray for God's perfect peace and His provision!