Thursday, September 25, 2014

NG Tube Trial - Admitted to Seattle Children's Hospital

Christy playing, Mommy doing paperwork
at General Surgery Clinic
So, once again, our week is nothing like we planned.  Started out with just two days of appointments, but the trip to Children's Hospital in Seattle yesterday was going to be two appointments, and then they scheduled an Upper GI for this morning in order to move forward towards having a G-Tube Placed.  So we were blessed with friends whom I only knew online (real life friends of my real life friend, Renee of Little Earthling Photography) who were willing to take us in spontaneously (we didn't even know we needed accomodations until after 5 pm!).

Christy hanging out with her/
oldest sister, Jessica!
So after crashing at their place (we had a lot common - Grace is expecting her 9th, and has adopted a little boy from Ukraine a few years back who has Down Syndrome).  We got up super early to try to beat the traffic and headed in.  In my sleep deprived state, I headed to Bellevue Children's (had been there twice within a week's time!).  But we were still early, so going to the Seattle campus still worked out fine.

Catch me if you can!
Her Upper GI series exrays showed that she has no physical anomalies that would prevent having a G-Tube Place, yay!  After consulting with the pumonologist, we were able to get a bed and she has be admitted and received her NG Tube and we will be here 24 - 48 hours until I understand how they want me to feed her and how that works with how I think she should be fed (i.e. negotiations are in progress!).

My silly, goofy, lovable girly!
She LOVES to eat!
She has been a great little traveler and took most every in stride....but getting the NG-Tube placed had her more upset than I have ever seen her, and I was her tormentor.  It's so hard!    She was able to pull it halfway out, so now she has a hand-mitt on so she can't snag the tube with her good hand.
Wow!  Cool Crib!

Finally happy again after NG Tube was put in/'by
 her big bad mama....but she's forgiven me already!
I am hoping that we will be able to be discharged tomorrow since I already have experience with the NG-Tube from Esther's first 4 1/2 months!

How tangled can I get?
Very Tangled!
I'll update if anything changes, but I'm hoping the next blogpost will be next week and from home!  I'm hoping to travel to my mother's house this weekend to introduce Christy to her grandma!

Prayers appreciated for good progress and an early release and that all goes well at home in my absence!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Christy's 4 month update - Tonsils, Sleeping and Tubes, OH MY!

Fresh Air = Sleepy Girl!
Camping = Double Stroller Time!
You may or may not have noticed that I did not do a "Three Months Home" blog post about Christy, but I did.  I really wanted to do that, but I just didn't have the time, and our camera had gone missing so I couldn't post photos!

So much has happened since my last update on Christy that I can't post it all here, but here are some highlights, and then I'll tell you about her/my first ever sleep study plus updates on her current challenges!

"Wake Up Gi-Gi" (Carese's name for Christy!)
Right after my last "Christy Update" I took Christy in for a weight check.  After her feeding evaluation in July, I realized that she was not gaining weight so on the therapists recommendation I began adding Pediasure to her diet.  After two weeks of doing this I had her weight checked and she had gained 11 oz since she had come home.  So that was working.

Then we left on a long campout.  Our church has a campout every year, but we got up early. This year we arrive on Monday, and the official campout starts on Friday.  Christy did amazingly well at camp, adjusting quickly to the outdoor life.

The only problem was that her crib was right next to my bed.   Before the campout I was aware that she wakened about once a night and at home I would check on her when I heard her rocking her crib (literally) and usually it meant her nose was stuffy.  I'd put a little coconut oil on her nose at the opening of her nostrils to help soften any crusties, and apply some essential oils for nasal congestion and calming and she'd rock herself back to sleep.  I tried rocking her to sleep, but for so many years she has been calming herself to sleep, that if I try to rock her, she wakes completely up and thinks it's time to play....doesn't work at all to put her to sleep again.

Christy's bed right by mommy's
Head = sleep deprived mommy!
Well, it became apparent at camp that Christy was waking many more times than I had been aware, but she would usually comfort herself back to sleep.  But every morning at 4 am sharp, she would wake completely up and start making a lot of noise, between rocking her crib (which would rock the whole trailer) and happy noises as she would see that mommy was right next to her crib.  I would have to work to keep her quiet until she went back to sleep, which usually took 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Needless to say, I was not getting much sleep at camp, so much so that I had to bail and go home with the girls Saturday so I could get some sleep and not have a complete meltdown at camp!

Christy doing table time, playing with blocks,
as part of her daily therapy/play time at home.
In August Christy and Esther both saw the ENT, Dr Englais (sp?), at Seattle Children's Hospital.  We discussed her snoring and sleep problems.  Esther got exrays to check on her adenoids/possible regrowth but she is all clear!  Christy, however, needs her tonsils out for sure, and the doctor said he was sure she needed her adenoids removed too, but didn't want to exray her for that and just make the final decision during surgery.  We also discussed having this done when she gets her dental work done (did I mention that she needs sedated dental work done due to some cavities?).  She will also get an MRI done when sedated so we have a better idea of the brain damage that resulted in her having Cerebral Palsy or a stroke (we are not sure which she has since we don't know when the brain damage occurred).

She does like to explore her world using her mouth!
The last week of August was our first Post Adoption Report home visit.  We had a social worker from our home study agency come to our home to see how Christy was doing and how well we are caring for her as well as how she is doing in our family!  We got the report back and it was like a pat on the back - she spoke of our family and Christy in glowing terms.  Boy that sure meant a lot to me.  This report should be back from getting apostilled any day now and then I will send it to our adoption agency and they will forward it to the Bulgarian authorities.  These Post Adoption Reports help countries like Bulgaria to determine if it is in the best interest of the children for them to be adopted into families in the U.S. so these reports are vital to the ongoing adoptions for other orphans!

Rachel cutting Christy's nails - Christy does not like this,
but she did give me this great photo between her
complaining and squirming to get away!
Just to see how the dietary changes were working, I had her in for a weight check the day before the home visit and we found that she had gained about a pound since her weight check 4 weeks before - that was great news!

The first week of September was her swallow study.  She did so well, cooperated so nicely, that we were able to get very good information about her least very accurate information.  Christy has major aspiration problems.  She showed laryngeal penetration (fancy term for food going down the wrong tube) on all thicknesses, even pudding.  There is no term for thickness thicker than pudding, so the speech therapist referred to it as paste.  This is not good, not good at all.  Both the speech therapist and Christy's pediatrician are recommending that we place a G-Tube to aid in getting fluids into her, but we are/were hesitant about this.

My happy girl - in the waiting room at
Seattle Children's Sleep Clinic in Bellevue
So, we have been working to get her the proper liquids by giving her apple juice thickened with Thick It to just past pudding thickness.  We were weighing her diapers to see how well she is extracting liquid from her foods/thickened liquids for proper hydration.  If I gave her 1/3 cup of thickened apple juice at each meal, she had more than sufficient output.  But, she has also been struggling to gain weight, so it's a balancing act at getting enough calories into her so adding more fluids (bulk with fewer calories) meant a possible trade off...being hydrated but not gaining weight.  So for two weeks I've been working at this, and it's a struggle and when my life got SUPER busy last week and this week, it was nearly impossible to ensure that she was betting proper nutrition and proper hydration, and as of yesterday the scale said that she had actually lost weight (around 1/2 pound in 2 weeks) when we started adding more fluids....and her reflux has gotten worse too.

Christy all ready for bed - waiting to get hooked up
for her sleep study.  Such a big crib....made me sad
to think of all those years she spent alone in a crib!
Yesterday I met with a nutritionist and we had a long talk about Christy's nutritional struggles.  She watched me feed her lunch while we talked about all of that.  She also recommended placing a G-Tube and we talked at length about the pros and cons of a G-Tube and so much of what she said now makes even more sense, especially after seeing how hard it is to get her properly hydrated when our days are busy.  Yes, the last two weeks were busier than usual, but even taking that into account, it is very time consuming to get enough nutrition into her, and she tires before we are done feeding her and she is refluxing more now due to the greater volume in her stomach at meals.  The nutritionist recommends moving to 6 smaller meals - great idea, but implementing that will be even that much harder for this busy mom. With a G-Tube she can get her in between meals food/liquids via her tube, and just feel her main meals by mouth, and give her fluids at meals through the tube.  It's beginning to sound like the best way to me now.

My beautiful Bulgarian Princess!
I was getting head of thing there...the appointment with the nutritionist was yesterday on our way home from the sleep study and her sleep study set up appointment was on Monday!

On Monday we went to the Everett Children's clinic.  After reviewing Christy's history, and check Christy's stats that day (wide awake and active her O2 stat was only 95%), she said they she was content to wait until after Christy had her tonsils and adenoids out to see if that corrected her sleep problems.  I mentioned that the ENT had called for the sleep study to be done before the surgery so they would know what they were dealing with when she was sedated.  She checked and I was right, so she quickly changed gears and started talking about scheduling the sleep study.  She said that they were scheduling into November, but that she'd put her at the top of the urgent, cancellation list.  She said they would call me tomorrow.  I got the call an hour later and they said they were scheduling into January, but that they had a cancellation for Wednesday night....I jumped on that one!

The cool, light up welcome sign
- doubles as a nightlight!
Fast Forward to yesterday!  We left early for the trip to Bellevue (about 1 1/2 hour drive in perfect traffic), around 3 pm, so I could have dinner with a friend/adoptive mom before the check in time of 7 pm.  We checked in after I got lots of exercise finding the clinic (left the instruction in the car and there was only one sign that I did not read completely as I thought there would be more signs on where to go).  They wanted me to bring her in to discuss the results a couple of weeks after the sleep study, but  was able to turn that into a phone call scheduled since we live so far away, phew!  If there was anything that caused concern, they would call us in two days to discuss that - so far, no phone calls!

After check in, we were shown to our room, and on the way the nurse pointed out an area where there were drinks and snacks that were available to us for free (which I was unable to take advantage of, except for a cup of coffee on the way out - but it was pretty good coffee!).  Then we got down to the business of filling out forms and getting Christy ready for bed.  She looked so tiny in the big crib!  She does not look like a 4 year old!

"Watch this - I can do the magic table cloth trick!"
Yeah, not a happy Christy...
Once I was done and she was ready, the wiring began!  They stuck things to her head for the EEG and then wrapped her head like a war wound victim and then a kind of stocking thing over all of that.  Then she put on waste bands to measure her work of breathing, monitors to her legs to check for restless leg movements and the PulseOx to her toe.  Lastly they attached a nasal canula that had things attached to monitor her breathing through her nose and mouth - this did not go over well with Christy at all!   After everything was attached, the gazillion wires were held together like a big pony tail down her back.

What does the hand say about the nasal canula?  NO!
Overall, Christy took it all in stride.  But her method or rocking herself to sleep, and moving in many different positions as she does this made things difficult.  As she would get close to sleep, some electrode or another would come off.  They also ended up with the PulsOx on three extremities trying to get a better reading, but 95% seemed to just be her best reading.  After 1 1/2 hours, she finally fell asleep...with that "hat" pretty much off her head.  Around 1 am she started into her waking/rocking herself to sleep pattern.  At one point they nurses had to come in and try to put the stuff on her head back on.  It lasted a little while.  At some point they added two additional waist band monitors too.

They ended up waking her up completely and making her unhappy with them twice in order to adjust things (mostly her nasal canula thing).  I got some sleep, but not much.  I heard Christy stop breathing many time, but usually for less than 10 seconds, so I am really curious about the results.  At 6 am it was wake up time (we had no choice and it was a bit shocking!).  Christy was a wired mess and looked like she had been tumbled in a dryer overnight!  It took a while for the nurse to removed everything, but overall, Christy just hung out and tolerated it all beautifully.....right up until I was washing her hair in the sink (no counter).

Finally we were ready.  Christy still had weird substances in her hair, but I put most of it into a half ponytail and that hid the worst of the problems....what I really needed was some detangler or conditioner (the hospital provided baby shampoo).

Christy ready to go home - did the best I
could with her hair as I couldn't get all the
gel out without traumatizing her!
We made a hasty get away, and I headed north - stopping to do the family shopping halfway home (she had taken a short nap on that portion of the journey).  Christy also had a physical therapy session late in the morning.  There we discussed acquiring braces/DAFOs for Christy to get her set up for weight bearing/gate training/walking practice.  Then I met Daryl for lunch (had only seen him for 10 minutes since Sunday night!), and then Christy and I were off to the nutritionist appointment.

So I'm editing to add that I just found out that the Sleep Clinic called yesterday.  I was able to talk to a nurse about her sleep study results already.  Christy does have obstructive sleep apnea.  Her O2 stats were on the low side, but not of urgent concern.  The study showed that she wakes often, but did experience REM sleep and deep sleep at least for  little while.  Thankfully, they believe that her tonsillectomy might correct this problem.  So we are moving forward with scheduling her surgery.  She will be having a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, dental work,  MRI and G-Tube placement all at one time so she only has to go under general anesthesia once (she was intubated for 5 days following her open heart surgery, so there is concern).  I still have many phone calls to make!

Wow - I feel like God gave me a cushion of time with Christy without any major medical issues.  That cushion is now gone.  It's time to get down to business.  Time to address her issues and work to make her life as pleasant as possible and enabling her to grow and develop and sleep (sleep is so important for growth and development, and so is proper nutrition and hydration)!

All Tuckered out - taking a nap on the way home!

I am excited about what the future may hold for Christy.  She has been doing so well - learning new things, actively exploring her new world and interacting with her new family.  Just think how much better she will do when she is not being hampered by her health issues!

I am also overwhelmed, but I've had two of the most incredibly busy weeks of my life.  Next week the only thing on my calendar is Christy and Esther's therapy sessions on Tuesday.  But that might change - I am making the phone call today about Christy getting a  G-Tube.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Eight Weeks Home, Christy Update!

Taking a nap at the park just last week!

I am shocked and surprised at how different her second month home has been from her first month home. Christy's first month home was mostly spent at home, where as the past 4 weeks have been insanely busy!  I am also shocked at how badly I did at taking photos of Christy (or anyone around here for that matter!).  I will have to do better!

Christy had an appointment with the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist.  He said that someday she'll probably need her tonsils and adenoids removed since she does snore often, but that she felt that she was on the small side and thought waiting was the better choice, but also said that we might consider getting a second opinion at Children's Hospital in Seattle.  We talked it over, and due to her sinus congestion waking her more and more frequently as night, we feel that she needs to see the ENT at Children's.  This referal has been made, but I have not gotten an appointment yet.  After seeing the ENT her pediatrician wants her to also have a sleep study done.

Christy giving one of her goofy silly looks - this was taken yesterday
A couple days later Christy got to go with us to a local park to play with friends while the big people played volleybell.  Christy did so very well there, but did NOT like the swing (you know the one that is like a bucket with holes).  She was happy to hang out in her stroller or play on the grass.  She did manage to get over into the sand, but this mean mommy took her out before she could eat any!

The next week was very busy for me (Esther had a pre-surgery appt at Seattle Children's) and our family (we had a stomach illness run through about half of the family, but just one or two people at a time).  Christy had her first Physical Therapy evaluation that week too.  We found out at that appointment that it would be best to wait to get braces for her legs (to limit the range of motion as her knee are double jointed) until after she has learned to crawl.  As long as she is not weight bearing, she will not be damaging her knees.  Once she has learned to crawl, then we will be getting her braces to wear when she is practicing/learning to walk.  We have some exercises to do with her now to strengthen her legs and arms to prepare for crawling.

First time in the pool....
We had a busy Fourth of July weekend, with relative from out of state visiting in the area.  Christy got to go the beach for the first time, but it was very windy and she didn't like it at all.  She just wanted to be held.  Then we went to a family reunion (Daryl's family) at another park and she did much better there, but like best to be in her stroller.  

Last Tuesday we went to another park (Esther's Physical Therapist has recommended that we take her to parks frequently to help her built coordination and strength - and it's working!).  Christy was tired when we arrived (it was lunch time) so she took a nap in her stroller - first time she's ever done that!.  Someday I hope that she will begin to be able to explore parks, but right now it's really hard since she is limited to scooting around on her bum, and she puts everything in her mouth (a really bad combination since she has a very poor coughing ability so choking is a very real hazard for her - even here at home).

She Loves It!
Yesterday Christy was evaluated by our favorite speech therapists, Elaina.  We were greeted with excited hugs as we haven't seen her in a long time (Esther and Dayton both have seen her in the past).  Elaina confirmed that Christy does have some eating coordination issues and is also concerned with me that she is not gaining weight very well yet.  She has given me some things to do with Christy during meals to increase her awareness of her mouth, work towards self feeding and learn to drink thickened water from a cup.  I am also teaching her to sign "eat" and will work on saying "eat" and "water" to her when I am feeding her.  Elaina really wants to see her regularly but has a long waiting list.  They are going to try to get her on the schedule soon.

And Esther Loved having her in the pool!
Yesterday Christy experienced our pool for the first time and she loved it!  She loves taking a bath, but I wasn't sure if she'd like the cooler water.  But we've had an unusually warm summer so the pool isn't too bad.  She will definitely be following in Esther's foot steps and become a fish.  Carese, on the other hand wants nothing to o with the pool!

Christy has been staying at home more recently, but that is going to change as she has lots of appointments in the next few weeks - her dental evaluation at Children's. Physical Therapy once a week, plus our annual week long camping trip!  Plus we will making more appointments for her dental work and seeing the ENT.  

My baby girls, in PJs but not ready to go to bed quite yet!
Overall, Christy has been exceptionally healthy and has adjusted very well to our home and life.  I have found that she enjoys shopping when she is in her stroller.  Generally speaking, away from home her safe place is her stroller.  At home she loves to explore and even enjoys spending time in the yard and swinging on the swing set (in HER swing of course).  She gets lots of attention and enjoys play.  Hearing her laugh is just THE BEST!

 She also allows me to hold her hands together when I pray with her at betime - before she would resist and get mad at me!  The funniest thing is that she LOVEs to get dressed and undressed.  She giggles and giggles.  I will have to videotape this somehow.  She is getting very fast at scooting up to someone and raising her arm(s) to let them know she wants to get picked up.  She will even chase you down if you are avoiding her (for fun, of course).

All tucked in and ready for bed!
She is a very content little girl.  She rarely cries.  She usually has more of an angry cry when she gets hurt or is in pain.  It is a strange cry - almost animalistic.  Its almost like a panic kind of cry.  It is very sad to hear and really hard since we quite often do not know the cause - she just can't tell us.  Even when we know the cause (like if we see her fall over and bump her head), it's hard because it's almost as if she doesn't understand how to receive comfort.  But she is improving in this area somewhat, and I'm sure with time she will come to understand and receive comfort from us.

 Christy and Carese are nearly identical in size.  Six weeks ago we found out that they were less than 1/4 in different in height and less than 3 oz different in weight.  Christy really has not grown noticeable yet so they are still like twins.  They wear the same size clothes (you can notice that Carese is wearing the same PJS that Christy is wearing in one other photo).  For a while, all the winter clothes were put on Christy, and the summer clothes on Carese.  But as the weather has warmed up, I am dressing Christy in lighter clothes so they are being dressed more similarly now as a general rule.

And now for two videos!  The first one was of Esther and Chrisy playing together, really for the first time.  This has been the biggest change in Christy's life in the past month.  Esther no long ignores her and actually loves to play with her.  At random times we will find Esther sitting down next to Christy and just giving her hugs - it is so sweet!

The second video is ground breaking stuff!  Christy is slowly but surely gaining more use of her right leg/foot and arm/hand!  In the last video, you will see her use her right hand/arm to shake a rattle!  We did have to put the rattle in her hand, but she kept it and moved it enough to create sound, and she knew she was doing it!  This is miraculous!



Friday, June 20, 2014

My Newest Blog/Business - Scents & Scentsibility, Young Living Oils

Peace & Calming has been my favorite, and I'm on my 4th bottle!
It helps my little settle into bed at night, and helps me to calm down
when I have a busy or stressful day!

I have recently begun to take my use of Young Living Essential Oils more seriously!  I have been using them for 2 1/2 years now, but have pretty much kept that to myself.  But that changed.  I have begun experiencing so many ways that these oils have improved my health and dealt with illnesses and cleaning problems and even made some of my foods/drinks taste better!
Panaway is my "go to" for all kinds of pain plus headaches too!
 I have started my new business by launching the Scents & Scentsibility Facebook Group (please join!) and also a blog, Scents & Scentsibility, Young Living Oils!   With only a few weeks effort, I have already started getting people involved, helped others with using oils in their home, and best of all I have started to get commission checks!
Purification is used daily in my home for insect bites,
 insect repellentbee stings, cuts and scrapes, infections, an air purifier and more!

On a recent blog post, Why Young Living Oils, Aren't They All the Same?, I wrote all about why I use Young Living Oils, comparing them to those you get at your local store, as well as why Young Living is a company you can trust and why their oils are the best and purest - they are the number one selling essential oils in the US!  It is a thriving and growing company that produces the brand of essential oils that more of my friends that I can even name off the top of my head are already using (and starting their own businesses too)!
Valor is my newest favorite!  It helps me "take on the day"
and tackle the mounds of work I face everyday.
With a cup of coffee and some Valor,
There's nothing I can't accomplish!
At least I like to think that way.

You don't have to start a business to use these - I didn't....for 2 years that is.  But you just need to go to my blog post all about this and check our my blog and FB group and you'll see why I totally am excited about this new development!
I use Thieves for so many things - laundry, cleaning counters,
hand sanitizing, killing germs in the air, killing germs on surfaces
when we traveland it just plain smells wonderful!
 I use Thieves Hand Sanitizer andThieves Toothpaste too and love both!

Everyday I'm learning more, and sharing what I learn, and finding ways to use the oils in our home so we can stop using over-the-counter medications and improve our health and have a healthier home!

Here's some fun graphics I posted just today - happy weekend and See you over there!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Christy's First Month Home!

Two Feet on US soil - a new US citizen!
Oh my, time flies!  I can not believe that as of this week, Christ has been in our home for a month!  Her first day in our home was May 18.  She has done so very very well in adjusting to our home!  She even acclimated to our time zone within days - faster than I did, that is for sure!

 We have been very busy settling in, finding a new routine that works for now, and getting her the medical diagnosis that we felt were important - here's a list of appointments she's had and what we found out from them:

Carese - the binky caretaker
May 20 - Pediatrician - basically got her height weight, updated our Dr with her new medical information and got her file started and a general look/see for her doctor and her.

May 22 - University of Washington Adoption Medical Clinic (3 hour drive each way!) - Dr Davies got her weight height and looked over both Christy and her latest medical documents and got referrals in place for things like cardiology, neurology, speech and physical therapy evaluations being top priority, Ear/Nose/Throat  evaluation, eye sight and hearing are all on the list too, only not critical.   She also had a myriad of blood work drawn and tested as well as stool cultures done.  So far everything has been great, with the one exception of a Vit D deficiency (we are giving her 1000 IU/day now).

She wasn't too sure about grass, but she warmed up to it!
May 27 - Pediatrician - checking Christy for cold symptoms, but mostly discussing the findings from Dr Davies and discussing referrals needed. She also got to watch Christy drink from a tippy cup and put in the feeding referral right away...told me to only feed her foods from a spoon until then (thickening everything to pudding consistency to be on the safe side).
It was hat day, or something!  Carese wanted to do whatever
Christy was doing that day!

Starting the next day, a virus passed through our family - Rachel, Elizabeth and Carese with high fevers, and I got tonsillitis, the worst case that I can remember (it really took me over a week to finally have no pain)!  Esther and Christy did not get sick at all which was totally weird!

Too stinking cute!
June 3 - Seattle Children's Hospital Cardiology/Echocardiogram -   I finally got all the answers - Christy did no only have an ASD correction like her earlier documents had said, but a very complete open heart surgery - they repaired an ASD, a VSD and an AV Canal defect.  They basically reconstructed the middle of her heart.  The echo was not as clear as they would like, but she feels that the surgery was very successful that she will not need any further repair work.  We are to bring her back in one year from now.  That was a very good sign!

Playing at her Neurology
June 5 - Neurology - after reviewing her medical files, and observing her clinically, the pediatric neurologist has determined that Christy has brain damage.  This could have happened either when she was born (traumatic, fetal distress induced emergency C-section) or during her open heart surgery.  If it happened at or around the time of birth, then it is called "Cerebral Palsy" but if it happens later in life they refer to it as a "stroke."  Either way, it is a stable diagnosis (that means it is not getting progressively worse) but it is permanent.  At the same time she did agree that it was very promising that we were already seeing her use her right hand and arm more and more since we brought her home, and with therapy and the blessing of a home and many siblings to play with, she has great potential to gain more use of her right side and she believes that she will be able to walk someday too!  So that was great news, but I did shed a few tears as in my heart I had really hoped that it was just some pinched nerve that adjustment/surgery would correct.

All 4 in matching PJs!
June 8 - First time we were able to bring Christy to church!  She did great and we had a wonderful time introducing her to our church family.  She would not make eye contact with strangers and got a little stressed if people wanted to touch her, but she had no panic attacks and we were even able to stay after the service for the potluck!

Favorite toy - her own foot!
Jun 10 - On the 5th, I finally got a good look at Christy's teeth and immediately made an appt to see our pediatric dentist.  On this day my suspicions were confirmed.  Every molar had as least two cavities (one above each root) and she needed work done right away.  She has been referred to Seattle Children's for this and has a consultation scheduled for the middle of July, but she is on a cancellation list, so hopefully we can get her in sooner. So far no abscesses, but I am to keep and eye out for that and brush regularly.  She does allow me to brush her teeth, but I can tell that sometimes it hurts (she winces).

First Sunday going to church - all in
Matching dresses (all of which came
from a consignment store!)
That was the  last appointment so far, but in the next month we have the following:

(I have two appts for a new crown as a tooth broke last summer and last weekend it broke further...)
June 24 - ENT
July 1 - Esther's pre-surgery consultation for her dental general anesthesia procedure
July 3 - Christy - Physical Therapy Evaluation (hoping to get a referral for braces and her knees bend backwards to an alarming degree)
July 11 - Christy - Feeding Therapy Evaluation
July 15 - Christy - Seattle Children's Hospital - dental consultation
July 17 - Esther - Seattle Children's Hospital - dental surgery

Good night mommy!
So we have a busy month ahead.  We still have some things to schedule yet, but they are not urgent (like vision).

Matching PJs that were given as gifts from
Two different people in two different states!
As far as Christy's integration into our family - it has gone so very much better than I even hoped!  She really had no problems with our busy home, except occasionally if played with too long she would get grumpy, but would recover if she got some time by herself.  She loves to scoot all around the house exploring her new environment.  She continues to love reflective surfaces like our kitchen appliances. We have definitely had to do some "baby proofing" in the home, especially since she loves to put things into her mouth - she loves to chew on paper, plastic and other things....but yet she spews out things like Cheerios and Kix - go figure!

Here are some videos that I think you'll enjoy!

Christy at the UW appointment, having a great time waiting.  She LOVES mirrors, can you tell?


This was just two days ago - this is her right hand/arm that has pretty much been useless.  When we visited her last fall, she could only move it occasionally and it was usually to get you to stop messing with it.  This is purposefully using it to experiment with the toy!  This is miraculous!

This last video was taken that same day, only at bedtime.  Esther has pretty much ignored Christy until very recently.  We noticed that she showed jealousy for the first time just last week, and it was when she saw that Reuben was spending time with Christy and Reuben is Esther's favorite person.  Then, on this evening, she was actually playing with Christy on the floor and they were laughing together.  I thought it would stop when I took them to bed, but I was wrong and I was able to take this amazing, sweet video of them playing together!