Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Update on our Matching Grant!

Late last month we were contacted by someone I did not know.  Her name is Anita.   She wanted to let me know that her husband and herself wanted us to be the recipient of the portion of their corporate profits that they donate to charities and other needs.

She explained that she and her husband, Steve, had been drawn to Priscilla when she appeared on Reece's Rainbow Newly Listed Children Page!  They had actually gone to commit to her the day after we did.  They were disappointed, but prayed about it.  The Lord has led them to pursue adopting two little girls from China instead!

But get this - they have already adopted - FIVE TIMES!  They have 5 biological, grown children, and they have adopted five children domestically who all have special needs, and now they are adopting two little girls who have Down Syndrome.  The Lord will bless them richly, both now and before His throne!

But they continued to read about our adoption journey through our blog.  The Lord moved them to reach out to us and offer us a matching grant!

I was so amazed.  God is so amazing, isn't He?

So here's how it works.  They will match any and all donations to our adoption that we receive by the end of April!  They will match money donated to our Reece's Rainbow FSP, our FundRazr Account, directly to our Paypal account, checks and cash given to us directly and any goods that are donated for our auctions they will match at their estimated value, regardless of what is actually paid for the item!

The only limit is being fully funded - that means up to $14,000 given will be matched!!!

Is that generous or what!  I gives me goose bumps to share this with people, and I tend to cry just thinking about His goodness to us.  We just don't deserve this.

Here's a quote from her email to me - "My prayer for your family is that by the end of April you are blessed to be fully funded, so you can focus on the process of adoption and preparing your hearts and home for your beautiful daughter. :)  We don't want any public  "credit" because we just see ourselves as processors for God's blessings in our lives."

Praise the Lord with me on His blessings to us.  Pray that we can make the most of this opportunity!  Pray for blessing on Steve and Anita and their family!

Help us by sharing this blog post so more people can be aware of this unprecedented opportunity!