Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yum, Yum!

frozen, straight out of the freezer
Fresh out of the package
frosting comes in nice little package
When we got our starter pack for the Butter Braids fundraiser, it came with three loaves of bread!  We have tried two of them - Strawberry/Cream Cheese (in the photos), and Cinnamon.  They are delicious!

Here's the photos of the process!

partially risen, about 5 hours after opening
Adoption Progress Update.  We were supposed to have our first home visit on Monday, but Carese spiked a high fever on Sunday so we had to reschedule.  Now we are scheduled for next Monday.  Carese is very sick (double ear infection, pneumococcal bacterial infection, and we have to watch for signs of meningitis), so prayers are much appreciated for my tiny princess!  She's running high fevers, but will still drink, so that is good.

We are ready to apply for our passports, and that will happen when  Esther's new glasses are ready for pick up as we need to go to town to apply.

Just before putting in the oven - it really grew that last hour!
Our four home visits may only take 2 weeks to complete, then another week for the social worker to complete her report.  Our FBI background checks should come back around the middle of March, and then we'll be done with our home study, Lord Willing!  Then it will be on to serious Dossier preparation.

Out of the over, cooled for about 20 minutes
drizzled the frosting over top
Things around the house are really taking shape.  The kids are really pitching in and doing lots of little projects around the house that would fall under the category of "spring cleaning" which we were unable to do last spring due to the arrival of Carese in March!

We have received donations from several people this week (check out my FundRazr progress in the sidebar!) and my Facebook auctions are going really well. I also have my first sponsor on my "Sugar Free for Priscy."

By the way, I used the name "Priscy" there as we heard her called that in a video we have of her!

We are working on a Spaghetti Feed + Silent Auction locally for April and things are starting to come together.  I have several donations from local companies already, and I'm close to getting some more!

Our next big cost will be our I800a application.  This is the application to get approved as a family to immigrate a child via adoption.  This costs over $700 for the application, but there's also the cost of shipping and preparation of the forms that are sent with it (apostilles).  The I800 is completed after the first trip, before the second trip and is specifically getting permission to immigrate the particular child you are adoption.

So far, I have $200 towards that cost as of today.  All of that $200 I did not have as of last Saturday so I am much encouraged that my Lord is providing for our needs before they are needed!

 Our February Auctions end tomorrow night, and all proceeds from that will be added to that $200.  We have had several items donated for our March Auctions, and we've been working hard to make new items too!  Our March Auctions will be only 2 weeks long to make it possible to have items shipped in time for Easter/Resurrection Sunday/Spring Break!