Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Physicals and Paperwork

Last Friday our family assembled at our family physician's office.  We arrived in 4 vehicles from 3 different locations.  We practically filled the waiting room!

They took us back 2 by 2, having weight, height, bp, temp, eye checks and hearing tests.  Then our doctor checked us each out and after that the adults all had the TB test done.  We all got a clean bill of health with the exception of finding that what Daryl thought was just a rash is actually a mild case of shingles!

The doctor complimented me on my preparations (I had all the forms organized, signed and ready for each person) and the staff and nurses were pleased with how well behaved the children were.  We were so thankful for his allowing us to get this done all together without waiting weeks and weeks and for charging us so little (just $300 for 10 physicals!  He is a godly man who has cared for our family for over 27 years!

Esther and Carese did not have to do this as they both had well child checkups in the last year so their pediatrician was able to just send i  those reports.

Saturday was our first major home safety visit preparation . We cleaned out the garage.  This also allowed us to begin to sell some items that were lost out there! 

Monday the last of our homestudy paperwork got sent in and I sent in documents to get appostilled for the first time too.  They arrived Tuesday and we were told that everything was in order. Yeah!

We also picked up our repaired van, and we are so thankful that the transmission repair was only $495 instead of the $3000 or more we thought it was going to be. 

Yesterday was going to be the day I tackled the kids' bedrooms, but at noon I came down with the bad cold that Elizabeth and Reuben came down with over the weekend.  This has all the signs of being a doosy of a cold.  We will do what we can, one thing at a tine.  I am so glad the physicals were last week!

I found the fire extinguisher, child locks and baby gate we needed at Walmart and the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors I ordered arrived yesterday.  I ordered the gun and ammo safes yesterday (we were able to bless a fellow adoptive family by using their Amazon links to shop so they'll make commissions on our purchases. 

We don't have to have to have a perfectly clean house for our home visits, in fact a super clean home makes social workers concerned that the mom has her priorities wrong!  They are looking to see if the home is safe and if the environment/relationships are a good place for the adoptive child to be placed.

One thing we do in gathering our dossier (after home study is complete) is to have photos of our home and family to send to Priscilla a well as for the officials in her country to see.  So ad I go through each room, I'm purging and organizing and then I'll take a photo.  They also want a photo of where she will sleep if it is set up.  Esther moved to a big bed recently, so her crib will become Priscilla's crib.  I'll share that photo on my next bolg post.