Monday, February 11, 2013

Preparing for Dossier

Passport and Background Check paperwork,
Ready to be filled in and filed
Once our Home Study is completed, it will be time to assemble everything needed for the Dossier.  Some of the items needed take time for processing.  The two biggies are background checks (I know, we already did this, but it was for the home study and we need a second background check for the Dossier, as that goes to Priscilla's country) and our passports.  Yes, we don't travel until after the dossier is approved, but we have to send colored copies of our passports to show them that we are prepared to visit!

Here's Carese testing out the baby gate.
 It works very well to keep her
from going up the stairs.
So today I found the correct forms and printed them out.  I already have the finger prints as we got second copies when we got the first ones done.  The only problem is lacking funds.  The background checks are $18 ea, and we have 5 adults living at home, so those will cost $90.00.  The Passports are $135.00 each and we are getting two of them, so that is $270.00.  Our normal working budget is usually a little tight, and we just spent over $400 for safety items for the house (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, baby gate, fire extinguishers and gun safes).  If you would like to help us get the money to submit these forms, please the new FundRazr box right her in the right hand column (your money will go directly to our Paypal account).

The home improvement progress took a big hit last week.  Influenza has decided to visit us.  So far, everyone but Jessica and Dayton has succumbed.  I think it has hit me the hardest.  The little girls are doing quite well on the respiratory part, but the digestive system part is doing a number on them (i.e. lots of diaper changes going on around here).  It seems to  be hardest on the older children/adult
.  Jessica has been very busy crocheting and knitting washcloths and hot pads (I did a pair, but having sick little ones definitely makes for little time for hand work!).  I've just added them to our Facebook Auctions for A Seventh Daughter today!

Also new is the Reece's Rainbow Badge for Our Adoption!  You can help us out by putting this badge on your blog!  Thanks for doing this little thing to help us out!