Friday, December 6, 2013

Done with our side....

We have passed our Article 5!  This was the last stop for our paperwork on the United States side of things.  Our Article 5 meeting was on Wednesday at the US Embassy in Christy's country.  We passed through with no problems!  Our paperwork will now be handed to our attorney over there, and it will be translated and authenticated.  Once it is complete (some docs are still on their way over there), it will pass through the gauntlet of that government's offices getting all the needed "stamps of approval."

Also, our last documents have now been appostilled and are on their way to our adoption agency, and from there they will join all the documents that are with our attorney over there.  So all my work is done as far as paperwork goes.  At least it should be.

Here's what is left....

-Article 5 translated/authenticated and  added to complete dossier submitted to Big Wig (approx 12/16)

-Complete dossier goes through 1 month of passing through lots of hands (finish approx 1/20)

-Gets signature from big wig (approx 1/27)

-is taken to the courts. (approx 1/31)

-assigned to a judge (approx 2/14)

-assigned a court date (approx 2/20)

-court date/adoption granted (approx 3/1)

-adoption gets signed court decree from the judge (approx 3/10)

-new birth certificate is applied for (approx 3/11)

-travel dates given once new birth certificate is done ((approx 3/18)

Then we get to go bring her home (end of March?)

Yay!  The list is getting smaller all the time!