Saturday, December 21, 2013

We have Been Submitted!

I just got the email this morning that our second stage dossier has been submitted!   We are now into that phase that I previously described as "Complete dossier goes through 1 month of passing through lots of hands"

Here's what our agency's adoption guide says:

"It is then given to the Minister for her
signature. After the Minister signs the dossier, it goes back to the attorney,
where the court petition is prepared. The dossier then goes back to the
Minister for a 2nd signature. After the Minister signs off on the dossier this
time, the dossier is taken to the courts by someone from the MOJ."

After that (with updated approximate time frame):

Signed Dossier is  taken to the courts. (approx 2/3)

-assigned to a judge (approx 2/17)

-assigned a court date (approx 2/24)

-court date/adoption granted (approx 3/3)

-adoption gets signed court decree from the judge (approx 3/12)

-new birth certificate is applied for (approx 3/13)

-travel dates given once new birth certificate is done (approx 3/20)

Then we get to go bring her home (end of March/early April).

Please pray for God's perfect timing!