Saturday, November 30, 2013

Article 5 meeting on Wednesday!

Our Article 5 meeting will be held on Wednesday!  To quote my last blog post - "At this meeting the US Embassy representative will review our home study, dossier and the child's information and will approve the adoption to continue (Lord willing!).  Sometimes they have questions about something and require additional paperwork.  If they approve everything, they will issue the Article 5 the following day.  We get notification of this via email!"

 Also, I resubmitted the two documents for getting their apostilles.  They should get back to me by the end of next week and then we will forward them ASAP to join the other documents!

Here is a concise list of events yet to happen with this adoption, created from my last blog post:

-Article 5 received,translated and authenticated (>1 week).  

-Article 5 and complete dossier submitted to Big Wig (approx 12/16)

-Complete dossier goes through 1 month of passing through lots of hands (finish approx 1/20)

-Gets signature from big wig (approx 1/27)

-is taken to the courts. (approx 1/31)

-assigned to a judge (approx 2/14)

-assigned a court date (approx 2/20)

-court date/adoption granted (approx 3/1)

-adoption gets signed court decree from the judge (approx 3/10)

-new birth certificate is applied for (approx 3/11)

-travel dates given once new birth certificate is done ((approx 3/18)

Then we get to go bring her home (end of March?)

I've done the approximate time frame on a slightly longer than average time line, so it could be longer, but hopefully will be faster!
Christy was fascinated by Daryl's stubble!

Right now I'm working on building a wardrobe for Christy.  I checked all my clothes in storage, but Esther was really hard on the sizes that Christy will need, so I'm going to have to do some shopping before the gotcha trip!

Oh, and if you are going to do any of your Christmas shopping on Amazon, please use my amazon link in the side margin to start your shopping, as that will help us prepare for bringing her home! Thanks!