Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Dossier has been Submitted!

We received news early this morning that today in Priscilla's country (it's night time there now) our dossier was registered with the Minister of Justice's (MOJ) office!  This was the news we have been hoping to hear for a while now.

What's next?  Our dossier needs to be approved by the adoption committee.  They were supposed to have their first meeting after the month long holiday, but it was cancelled.  I have no idea when the next meeting will be and whether or not our dossier will even come to the top of the stack at that meeting.

Once the committee has approved our dossier, we will get "verbal referral" (and we start packing!) and then it is sent on to the MOJ and once she/he signs it we get our "written referral" and the allowed dates for travelling to meet her.  The travel dates are usually a 3 week time period that start about 1 - 2 weeks from the time of getting the notice.

When we travel we will be in her country Monday - Friday.  So we will leave the weekend before and return home the next weekend.

Please pray that the timing of this trip will work nicely with preparing for and experiencing the marriage of our son - a first for us!

There's so much to do - prepare for the wedding (purchase clothes for family and make and purchse gifts etc), get appropriate suitcases, make packing lists, attend a bridal shower and all the while continue to run our home, run my home business and homeschool our children!  But by God's grace, I will accomplish all that He has for me to do each day!