Monday, August 12, 2013

It's official - Nothing Left to do but WAIT!

We recieved our I800a approval a week ago, we got it notarized that same day and mailed out to be apostilled.  I arrived back in today's mail and it was back in the mail today on it's way to our adoption agent, who will forward it to join the rest of our dossier in Priscilla' country!

Right now, all the government in her country is on a month long holiday, so nothing is happening there as far as adoptions go.  But it looks like our dossier will be all ready (translated and verified) to be submitted the day they open up again!

Praying for God's perfect timing for our trip, as we are also going to be having our son get married on October 12, and it's looking more and more like our trip to meet Priscilla might be in very close proximity to that glorious event!

But I know that God has this thing all dialed for our best and His glory!

So there won't be much news until September, so enjoy these last weeks of summer (while we start school next week!).

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!