Monday, March 25, 2013

I am barefoot...

Because God has blessed my socks off once again....we're talking so big that I think my socks were blown all the way to Priscilla's country!

There is a family who had considered adopting Priscilla, but when we stepped forward for her, they knew it was God's will and they looked for the window that was open to them and they are now in the process of adopting 2 girls from China.

But, it doesn't end there.  They still have a heart for Priscilla and have been following my blog.  This family has been led by God to offer a matching grant for all donations that come in between now and the end of April.  The only limit is when we reach the point that we are fully funded (I'm working on getting a dollar amount for that today!).

I have to run...more details to follow.

Please praise God with me as He has me astounded...I can't even wrap my brain around this one.

I stand amazed, humbled, overwhelmed at God's goodness to me, I just don't deserve this.

If you want to read all the details, read my next post!