Monday, February 10, 2014

Praise God - They Worked Things Out!

I have no details, only that dossiers will be headed to court this week!

I am so thankful that this little speed bump is behind us!

Here is Christy's suitcase (you can barely see it beneath the pile) piled high with items that have been donates recently - pajamas, shoes, a coat, tights and more!  The top item, the sweater, I finished crocheting yesterday.  I'm working on a hat, and after that some slippers and a blanket!  I fell in love with the variegated yarn, and it is called "Giggles"!  So fun to work with as it is bright and cheery!

Also, a little background on the sweater/blanket thing - for all of my children I have crocheted a set - for most it was an layette and for some it was a sweater/hat/blanket set.  I realized last month that I needed to do this for Christy and set about to get busy!

So, I am hoping and praying that my next blog post will come VERY soon and share that our dossier has gone to court...then we'll get assigned a judge, then get a court date, then she'll be ours, and then we'll get travel dates!  The list of steps in this adoption is now getting short enough that I can remember them!