Saturday, January 11, 2014

FBI Background Checks....Check! Updated Photos...Check!

We got updated photos of Christy!  These were taken the day after Christmas.  She looks so great!  These were sent to a mutual friend by the orphanage director, who knew that we knew each other!  What a blessed surprise!
This is the toy we sent to her through another Washington State adoptive family,
whose little girl lived with Christy.  They were able to drop off some toys for us
when they went to take their daughter home forever!

We had to have our FBI background checks done again, just in case (see my blog post a few back about details).  This time we are using National Background Checks.  This is an FBI Channeler and one of the few that provides physical copies on FBI letter heads that can be notarized.

Usually it takes 6 or more weeks to get the background checks back, but with the handler we got it back in 3 weeks.  It would usually be even faster, but we were dealing with both the holidays and the severe weather that effected mail as well.

So now I'm sending those off to be apostilled by Caring Hands in Washington D.C.  I am glad I decided to blog about this, as I totally forgot that I can have it sent directly to our agency contact from Caring Hands, saving time and money over having them send them to us, and then forwarding them to the agency contact!

This should be the last thing I have to do as far as paperwork is concerned!  Hurray!  Hoping to hear good news about our dossier going to court by the end of this month...please pray for that to happen!