Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Adoption Adventure Begins!

We have begun our home study.  We have submitted all those forms and are just waiting to complete things like physicals and having the referrals we gave out turned in.  We have gotten finger printed (I'll blog about that in my next post).  We have been accepted by our adoption agency, About A Child, and are ready for the next step (commitment to our child), once our tax return hits our bank account!

We will have enough money for the initial things from our tax return, but from there on out God is going to have to perform some major miracles. Hudson Taylor is quoted to have said ""God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply."

This I am praying will be manifested in our adoption journey.

There are three ways you can help us in our adoption journey:

1. Pray!

2. Advocate - share our story, share our fundraising efforts

3. Support us financially:

We have started some fundraising auctions on our new Auction For A Seventh Sister Facebook page.  You can donate items for the auctions, bid on items and share them!

If you want to directly support us, but are not interested in these auctions, you are welcome to send any donation to us through paypal for this email address, or request my mailing address if you want to send a check!  At this time, any donations will not be tax deductible.  Once we are officially committed to a child, you will be able to donate through Reece's Rainbow.  

We do plan to apply for grants, but nearly all grant funds are not available until we have been invited to travel to meet our child, but we have financial needs before that point.  Some are available after our home study is completed, and we will be applying for those as soon as we can!

I will be blogging about all the steps along the way, and making updates on how you can support us. 

Thanks for being a part of this amazing journey!